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About us

We believe in creating an image based on simplicity and naturalness, that transmits emotions through the footage, taking care of every detail and highlighting the important moments that will tell your story.

Joan Vallejos
Founder & Director
George Orbegoso
Marketing Manager
Photo profile
Nick Ferguson
Audiovisual Manager

Our Team


Our Values


Committed to our partners

Your growth is the same as ours. We prioritise long-term connections.


Culture first

Respecting one another and creating a positive work atmosphere go a long way.



Every member of our team accepts responsibility and offers assistance.


Be transparent

Work with complete transparency, voice concerns, and collaborate to find solutions.


Never stop learning

Always growing, always learning, always improving.



We all strive for common and personal goals.


This project began in 2010 as inspiration for a dance group looking to improve its marketing. They needed to change their logo, establish a website, photoshoots, record videos of their performances, do interviews and more. It was the right time to start creating the portfolio and increasing visibility on social media platforms.


It was a learning experience, with each colour and feature of the outfits carrying a specific meaning. The melody of the flutes and the dancers' steps were synchronised in a way that transmits an emotion to the viewer, making it a big challenge to capture everything without losing any detail. They were quite delighted with our job. We worked together for several years and developed a strong friendship over time.


Without a doubt, it was a great start, which contributed to the development of creativity and other aspects that today ensure the quality and trust of our work. As experienced and talented professionals, we establish solid connections with customers in order to understand, assist, and meet their needs.

Our Story

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